Easy Online Management

Receive the incoming order alert (voice, sms and email), notify me when it is ready, deliver it with a receipt.

Many Payment Options

Get payments with Klarna, Swish, Master, Visa, PayPal, Apple Pay, pay in the store and more payment options directly to your bank account

Define Working Hours

Define flexibly closed and open service hours. Take orders whenever you want. Manage different staff roles.

IOS & Android Mobile Apps

Mobile apps (iOS and Android) and Website with secure online platform that is also approved by Klarna, Swish, Stripe and banks

Delivery zone Define

You can easily define your delivery zone on the Google map with KM prices. When you want, you can change again yourself.

Digital Campaigns

Build customer loyalty with digital campaigns (SMS, email, online marketing) to get higher fixed income.

Kitchen Printer & Tablet

Easy assembly and installation. Stand-alone system. Do not use a cash register system.

Customer Satisfaction

Easy and fast ordering for your customers. Less phone calls, less time lost and less misunderstandings.


  • Provide direct service to your customer with your own brand.
  • Do not pay extra sales commission
  • Take and handle your orders easily without wasting time.
  • Make more money by building customer loyalty with digital marketing.
  • Add value to your business with your own online sales channel.


  • Order easily and flawlessly without wasting time on the phone.
  • Pay with Klarna, Swish, bank cards, Paypal and Apple Pay.
  • Receive necessary notifications via SMS, e-mail after ordering.
  • Get the same product and service with cheaper delivery price.
  • Shop as a guest user without personal information.

SMS Notifications

Send SMS to your customers with your own company name. Send information to the customer and to yourself. Be on your customers’ mobile phones with SMS campaigns.

Email Notifications

Order information is sent to your customer and to you. Reach more customers through email marketing, gain customer loyalty with coupon applications.

Audible Alarm Notifications

You get real-time notification sounds and icons directly on the screen so you know about orders.

Working Hours

Daily working hours can be determined. You can take orders whenever you want. In addition, you can handle different staff roles.


  • Delivery and pickup options
  • Delivery prices per km
  • Define a start-up fee for delivery
  • Define delivery time

  • Define the order preparation time
  • Determination of the store location
  • Determine the delivery region on the map
  • Site verification

Payment options

Thanks to our compatible and very secure online system that is approved by banks , you can get your payment directly from your customer to your own bank account. Therefore, you can offer your customers alternative payment options and add value to your business with the help of international payment systems.

Tablet and Receipt Printer

  • It does not need to be integrated into an existing cash register system.
  • No tax registration required.
  • The system works independently and takes up very little physical space.
  • Installation service and guaranteed product options are available. They are not included in the installation fee.
  • You can also use your own products or contact us for our options for tablet and thermal kitchen.

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